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Teacher Training Course


Teacher Training Course

English Unlimited offers an 80 hour intensive Teacher Training Course, which includes workshops, lectures and investigation, class observation, and demo classes with real students learning English as a Second Language. 

Our Teacher Training Course Manual is a complete guide that will be reflected on your curriculum upon successful completion of the course. A series of questions will lead you to assessment of methodologies and evaluations, lesson planning, classroom management and teaching resources. You will take part in forming and putting together the manual based on strategies learned.

A bibliography of interesting reference books and materials as well as lectures, practice activities and detailed examples complement the manual. Actual classroom practice will further develop acquired theoretical aspects of teaching and channel these to practical aspects.


The TESL, TEFL and TESOL certificates are industry standards in the field of teaching English. Our program is based on a communicative method and our classes are composed of theoretical and practical preparations which will give you unparalleled edge in teaching methodologies.